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Package 'haveged' wont start on Devuan Beowulf due to broken PID file specification

Package: haveged; Reported by: Mike Tubby <>;
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2019 21:48:01 UTC;
Maintainer for haveged is (unknown).

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From: Mike Tubby <>
Subject: Package 'haveged' wont start on Devuan Beowulf due to broken PID file
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2019 22:37:29 +0100

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Package: haveged
Version: 1.9.1-6

Dell R210-II servers upgraded to Beowulf on 12th April 2019, now package 
'haveged' (entropy daemon) fails to start:
     a) at boot
     b) via 'service haveged start'
     c) from the command line, if the PID file is specified

All attempts at running haveged result in an apparmor/audit as follows:

Apr 12 21:54:41 ns0 kernel: [ 4684.518633] audit: type=1400 
audit(1555102481.459:19): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mknod" 
profile="/usr/sbin/haveged" *name="/run/"* pid=9474 
comm="haveged" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=0 ouid=0

With apparmor suggesting that haveged is being refused permission for 
haveged to make a node, for the pid file

Stopping apparmor with 'aa-teardown' allows haveged to start as expected:

root@ns0:/etc/apparmor.d/local# aa-teardown
Unloading AppArmor profiles
root@ns0:/etc/apparmor.d/local# service haveged restart
[ ok ] Restarting entropy daemon: haveged.
root@ns0:/etc/apparmor.d/local# ps ax | grep haveged
  9741 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/sbin/haveged -w 1024
  9761 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep haveged

Haveged is documented as using the path /var/run/ by default 
and not /run/  Checking the binary with 'strings' confirms this:

root@ns0:/etc/apparmor.d/local# strings /usr/sbin/haveged | grep pid
daemon pidfile, default: /var/run/

Adding an entry to /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.sbin.haveged as follows:

root@ns0:/etc/apparmor.d/local# cat usr.sbin.haveged
# Site-specific additions and overrides for usr.sbin.haveged.
# For more details, please see /etc/apparmor.d/local/README.

/var/run/ rw,
/run/ rw,

Allows haveged to work as expected.

Clearly something with haveged and/or apparmor is broken here...


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