Devuan bug report logs - #343
xen: Fails to boot Xen by default

Package: xen-hypervisor-4.8-amd64; Reported by: Elliott Mitchell <>;
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 20:48:02 UTC;
Maintainer for xen-hypervisor-4.8-amd64 is (unknown).

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Subject: bug#343: xen: Fails to boot Xen by default
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 13:36:36 -0700
From: Elliott Mitchell <>

Package: xen-hypervisor-4.8-amd64
Version: 4.8.5+shim4.10.2+xsa282-1+deb9u11

The 4.8 version of the Xen package has
'GRUB_DEFAULT="Debian GNU/Linux, with Xen hypervisor"' at the bottom of
/etc/default/grub.d/xen.cfg.  Unfortunately this fails since Devuan is a
distinct distribution and the match fails.

I think the older solution recommended for Wheezy and Squeeze
( of
adding a symbolic link to /etc/grub.d functions better as it doesn't rely
on an exact string match.  That would require coordination with Debian to
rework handling of /etc/grub.d (make a 10_default script which is
meant to be overridden by packages and rename 10_linux to 11_linux).

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