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Live image should honor DNS servers from DHCP

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Package: devuan-installer; Maintainer for devuan-installer is Ralph Ronnquist <>;

Reported by: Rodrigo <>

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 23:52:02 UTC

Severity: normal

Found in version 3.1.1

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bug#601; Package devuan-installer. (Tue, 17 Aug 2021 23:52:02 GMT) (full text, mbox, link).

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New bug report received and forwarded. Copy sent to Ralph Ronnquist <>. (Tue, 17 Aug 2021 23:52:05 GMT) (full text, mbox, link).

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From: Rodrigo <>
Subject: Live image should honor DNS servers from DHCP
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 23:44:35 +0000
[Message part 1 (text/plain, inline)]
Package: devuan-installer
Version: 3.1.1

When I boot the devuan live system[1] it ignores the DNS servers
provided by DHCP and uses google servers instead. The expected
behavior is for the system to use DNS servers provided by DHCP instead
of pinging google.

# dhclient eth0
from the live system sets the DNS servers to those provided by DHCP,
as expected.

Here's a transcript demonstratig the values embedded in the iso:
# mount devuan_beowulf_3.1.1_amd64_desktop-live.iso /mnt/iso
# mount /mnt/iso/live/filesystem.squashfs /mnt/squashfs
# cat /mnt/squashfs/etc/resolv.conf
## google's nameservers

The system configures IP, route, etc. from DHCP as expected.

[1] devuan_beowulf_3.1.1_amd64_desktop-live.iso
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