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Remove offending domain from mirrors

Package: devuan-www; Maintainer for devuan-www is Devuan Developers <>;

Reported by: Bernard Rosset <>

Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2021 15:52:02 UTC

Severity: normal

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From: Bernard Rosset <>
To: Devuan Bugs Report <>
Subject: Remove offending domain from mirrors
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2021 17:46:29 +0200
Package: devuan-www

I submitted 2 distinct PRs to envision removing the offending domain, as 
discussed during the 2021-09-30 meeting:

The reason I made specific PRs is because I feel we handle them differently.
To me, it doesn't matter if the domain is hidden behind in the pool: such domains shouldn't be used by the project 
whatsoever... but other people might (will?) see things differently and 
separate both types.
This separation has been made to avoid the baby being thrown withthe 
bathwater if such an opinion was to prevail.

Bernard (Beer) Rosset

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