Devuan bug report logs - #74
infraestructure horror, where to find info?

Package: desktop-base; Maintainer for desktop-base is fsmithred <>;

Reported by: PICCORO McKAY Lenz <>

Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 18:48:01 UTC

Severity: normal

Done: "Ralph Ronnquist (rrq)" <>

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From: PICCORO McKAY Lenz <>
Subject: infraestructure horror, where to find info?
Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 14:38:16 -0400
Package: devuan-project
Severity:  critical

i want to package for devuan and find or i mean, do not find right
place EASY to start, due theres not a consistence in pages
infraestructure.. main page are but here theres no a
reference to final pages example no reference to bugs page.. no bugs
reports instruction and the page for it are very very hidden.. the
main page only refers to the forums and irc and well i assumed its not
for normal users... if there its the case why a landing page then!

the documentation are very horrible, does not focus where to cover.. i
mean, if a documentation are made over a non-final version, please
mark as is, and do not put in a final path

the documentation refers to the dh1 package that are in unstable but
then other documentation refers to remove any systemd references..

but when i try other source (apt-get source) and try to see the file
rules my surprise its that the file has all the systemd references..
so then try the dev1galaxy info and the example are using the adduser
package from debian that does not have any systemd depends so if i try
to package a port to free from systemd i not have clear references!

in last : the combination of colors make impossible to read the
contents.. we need a better colors combinatios to make contrast
respect the letters!

Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)

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