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Subject: bug#195: Polkit auth window too long
From: Julius Henry Marx <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 14:36:21 -0300

Package: policykit-1
Version: 0.105-9+devuan1

This is in a default (out of the box) and up-to-date installation of Devuan Jesse:

groucho@devuan:~$ uname -a
Linux devuan 3.16.0-5-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.51-3+deb8u1 (2018-01-08) x86_64 GNU/Linux

When I open SPM (synaptic) to check that everything is as it should be, the polkit pop-up auth window that comes up is huge (very long), taking up roughly 28.5cm in length while being only 6.0 cm high.

This is in a 19" monitor running at 1280*1024.
I'd expect a smaller (ie: shorter) image with a 2:1 ratio, like in other distributions with polkit pop-ups.

If I open up a terminal, open SPM to see the polkit pop-up auth window and then run xprop in the terminal+click on the pop-up, I get this information wrt the open window:

		program specified minimum size: 973 by 175   <----- min window size
		program specified maximum size: 973 by 175   <----- max window size
		program specified base size: 0 by 0
		window gravity: NorthWest


Observe that the min/max window size is roughly the same proportion as the window measured on-screen. 

Now, if I do the same in my PCLinux/MATE rig, that part of the xprop data is different *and* does not have the problem my Devuan/Xfce rig has:


		program specified minimum size: 416 by 209
		program specified maximum size: 416 by 209
		program specified base size: 0 by 0
		window gravity: NorthWest


Please let me know if there's any other data you need.

Apparently there was a similar issue in the MX-17 distro which was 'tricky' to fix but have not been able to find any other related info.

If at all possible, I'd appreciate knowing how-to-fix-this as long as it does not involve recompiling the package.  =^D

Thanks in advance,


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