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xserver-xorg-input-wacom: starting X session results in permanent black screen

Package: xserver-xorg-input-wacom; Reported by: Shane Kimble <>; dated Wed, 8 Aug 2018 16:03:01 UTC; Maintainer for xserver-xorg-input-wacom is (unknown).

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Received: (at submit) by; 8 Aug 2018 15:50:04 +0000
From: Shane Kimble <>
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Subject: xserver-xorg-input-wacom: starting X session results in permanent
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2018 15:43:55 +0000

Package: xserver-xorg-input-wacom
Version: 0.34.0-1

I own a Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Tablet laptop.  When initializing an X session=
 with this package, the video goes black and the keyboard is no longer func=
tional.  The only way to safely shutdown/reboot is via Magic Sysrq commands=
 (ex: Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring).

On this same laptop, if the specified package is absent, the X session star=
ts normally without tablet functionality.

Having encountered this issue on previous non-systemd distros, the solution=
 is this command:
$ isdv4-serial-inputattach /dev/ttyS0

This command should be incorporated via a custom init script, by editing th=
e Xsession/display manager init script, or something else as long as it's e=
xecuted before X.  To hide the output of this command and background, I mod=
ify the above command to:
$ isdv4-serial-inputattach /dev/ttyS0 > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Afterward running the above command, the X session launches successfully wi=
th tablet functionality.=

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