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ZFS / Binaries

Package: |zfs-dkms; Reported by: Chris Dos <>; Keywords: ascii jessie; Done: KatolaZ <>; Maintainer for is (unknown).

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Subject: wontfix

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sorry but given the currently outstanding issues with zfs license, we
are not going to provide binary zfs modules. Devuan will most probably
keep the zfs-dkms package available in the non-free repos ayway.=20

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From: Chris Dos <>
Subject: ZFS / Binaries
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 06:21:31 -0600

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Package: |zfs-dkms

Provide ZFS binaries like what is done in Ubuntu.


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    Package: <code>zfs-dkms<br>
    Severity:<code> wishlist<br>
      Provide ZFS binaries like what is done in Ubuntu. <br>


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