Devuan bug report pseudo-packages

This page lists the pseudo-packages available for use in the Package: line in bug reports.

See the instructions for reporting a bug for details of how to specify a Package: line.

For other kinds of indices or for other information about Devuan and the bug system, see bug system top-level contents WWW page.

devuan-www			Everything related to the websites
amprolla			Everything related to amprolla
devuan-project			Everything Devuan-related which is not otherwise categorised
arm-sdk				The ARM SDK and images (RPI & Co.)
minimal-live			The Devuan minimal live image
desktop-live			The Devuan desktop live image
package-mirrors			Everything related to package repository mirrors
iso-mirrors			Everything relating to the ISO media mirrors
devuan-installer		Anything related to the devuan installer
devuan-desktop			Anything related to devuan desktop			Anything related to the Devuan BTS

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