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Unneeded dependency for systemd-standalone-tmpfiles

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Package: lvm2; Maintainer for lvm2 is (unknown); Source for lvm2 is src:lvm2.

Reported by: Klaus Ethgen <>

Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2022 07:20:02 UTC

Severity: normal

Tags: debian

Found in version 2.03.15-1

Done: Mark Hindley <>

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Subject: bug#685: marked as done (Unneeded dependency for systemd-standalone-tmpfiles)
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From: Klaus Ethgen <>
To: Devuan Bug Tracking System <>
Subject: Unneeded dependency for systemd-standalone-tmpfiles
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2022 08:17:20 +0100
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Package: lvm2
Version: 2.03.15-1
Severity: normal

The new lvm2 package depends on systemd-standalone-tmpfiles which is
not mentioned in changelog and not used anywhere.

Please remove this poisoned dependency. I don't want any systemd
dependency on my system.

This is a violation of the debian package policy!

-- System Information:
Distributor ID:	Devuan
Description:	Devuan GNU/Linux 5 (daedalus/ceres)
Release:	5
Codename:	daedalus ceres
Architecture: x86_64

Kernel: Linux 5.16.17 (SMP w/8 CPU threads)
Locale: LANG=C, LC_CTYPE=C.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8), LANGUAGE not set
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash
Init: sysvinit (via /sbin/init)

Versions of packages lvm2 depends on:
ii  dmeventd                                        2:1.02.183-1
ii  dmsetup                                         2:1.02.183-1
ii  init-system-helpers                             1.63devuan1
ii  libaio1                                         0.3.113-2
ii  libblkid1                                       2.38-4devuan1
ii  libc6                                           2.33-7
ii  libdevmapper-event1.02.1                        2:1.02.183-1
ii  libedit2                                        3.1-20210910-1
ii  libelogind-compat [libsystemd0]                 246.10-5
ii  libeudev1 [libudev1]                            3.2.11-1
ii  libselinux1                                     3.4-1
ii  lsb-base                                        11.2
ii  systemd-standalone-tmpfiles [systemd-tmpfiles]  251.2-7

Versions of packages lvm2 recommends:
pn  thin-provisioning-tools  <none>

lvm2 suggests no packages.

-- Configuration Files:
/etc/lvm/lvm.conf changed [not included]

-- no debconf information
Klaus Ethgen                             
pub  4096R/4E20AF1C 2011-05-16            Klaus Ethgen <>
Fingerprint: 85D4 CA42 952C 949B 1753  62B3 79D0 B06F 4E20 AF1C
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From: Mark Hindley <>
Cc: Klaus Ethgen <>
Subject: Re: bug#685: Unneeded dependency for systemd-standalone-tmpfiles
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 10:06:15 +0000

On Mon, Jul 04, 2022 at 09:23:52AM +0100, Mark Hindley wrote:
> Control: tags -1 debian
> Klaus,
> Thanks for this.
> On Mon, Jul 04, 2022 at 08:17:20AM +0100, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> > Package: lvm2
> > Version: 2.03.15-1
> > Severity: normal

Changes to debhelper mean that lvm2 no longer depends on
systemd-standalone-tmpfiles. So closing.


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